The Aarhus-based company
Nortech Solutions,
has entered into a multi-year agreement with Svenska Retursystem
for the supply of 100% recycled pallets made from plastic waste.

A perfect match between two ambitious companies
Nortech Solutions, established only a few years ago, is a company with ambitions. They want to create business, make a difference, take care of the environment, and be a pioneer when it comes to sustainability and a circular economy.
In Europe, Nortech Solutions is currently the only company producing recycled plastic-waste pallets.
This is exactly what makes the match between Nortech Solutions and Svenska Retursystem so perfect. The two companies have joined forces with an agreement where Nortech Solutions will provide their unique recycled pallets made from a mix of 70% municipally collected plastic waste, 15% plastic waste from customers, and 15% from recycled pallets.
“Svenska Retursystem is responsible for distributing goods to the vast majority of Swedish grocery chains. Their organisation is based on sustainable solutions that can be reused over and over again and that have the least possible impact on the environment. Our pallets, which are 100% made of recycled plastic, fit perfectly into their setup”, says Jeppe Mølvadgaard, CEO of Nortech Solutions.
Nortech Solutions will deliver the first pallets at the end of 2020. The agreement runs over a few years and is continuously expanded with more products.

Sweden is ahead of Denmark
“Our experience is that Sweden is one step ahead of us when it comes to a green mindset. With Svenska Retursystem, we see the full consequence of this, because pallets and transport equipment move around the system but are then returned and reused. That is why our recycling pallets fit in so well”, says Mølvadgaard.
In Denmark, most people use the traditional wooden European pallet, and once the pallet has been sent off, it is never seen again. There is generally no motive to consider recycling - except for a few industries that have their own return system.
Nortech Solutions leverer de første paller
i slutningen af 2020. Aftalen løber over en

What are the plans for the future?
In the long run, the plan is to establish a pallet production in Sweden with Svenska Retursystem and to use the Swedish plastic waste for the pallets. Nortech Solutions has the know-how and experience from their production in the Czech Republic. They can use this knowledge to establish a Swedish counterpart. Over time, the goal is to spread the idea and concept to Norway and Denmark.

Facts about Nortech Solutions' Greenpallets:
• they are approved for food products
• they emit 74% less CO2
• they have 15 times longer durability than traditional wooden pallets
• they take up less space and are lighter and cheaper in distribution.

“Svenska Retursystem står
for distribution af varer til
langt de feste dagligvarekæder. Deres organisation
baserer sig på bæredygtige
løsninger, der kan genbruges
igen og igen, og som belaster
miljøet mindst muligt. Vores
paller, der er 100% fremstillet
af genbrugsplast, passer
perfekt ind i deres set-up.”
-Jeppe Mølvadgaard
Adm. direktør i Nortech Solutions