There is way too much plastic discarded in nature and the world's oceans. We all know that. According to Plastic Change, approximately 8-10 million tonnes of plastic currently float around the oceans worldwide. This is a major problem for our planet and the animals that live on it.                  

Fortunately, we have entrepreneurs like Jeppe Mølvadgaard, who fight plastic pollution with a circular economy. He has manufactured pallets for internal logistics made from 100% recycled plastic, collected in Central Europe and aptly named them Greenpallet.         

Avoid waste with circular economy
“We can use all types of plastic when we produce our pallets. We do not sell the pallets separately, so you can only get them with a subscription. We regularly replace the pallets, so that customers always have fresh pallets of the highest quality. And the old pallets are brought back to the factory, where they are then made into new plastic pallets. It's a circular economy. In this way, we avoid waste, while at the same time ensuring food-approved pallets of high quality”, says Jeppe Mølvadgaard, who describes the environment as the biggest driving force for his work.

In his everyday life, Mølvadgaard runs the company Nortech Solutions from their offices at Agro Food Park. Here, he has established a relationship with the pallet factory Agro Business Park, who advises the start-up companies in Incubator and Enterprise Europe Network Denmark.