Greenpallet - the transport pallet made from 100% recycled plastic

Does your company use countless wooden pallets for transport and logistics? Then you now have the opportunity to choose a greener alternative with our Greenpallets. They are made from 100% recycled plastic that can be used again and again, and can even be recycled at the end of their lifespan. We are extremely proud of our "green" pallets; we are the leaders in our field, and currently the only company offering pallets made from 100% recycled plastic.

Our Greenpallets come in many standard sizes and can be used for different types of tasks. We do, for example, offer both the classic euro pallet in plastic, and pallets for transporting boxes and barrels. We also have pallets that are stackable. In addition, you have the option to have your own recycled pallet produced in specific dimensions to suit your company. Common to all pallet types is that they are made from 100% recycled plastic.

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From residual waste to high-quality logistics pallets

There are many benefits to using a Greenpallet instead of a traditional wooden pallet. First and foremost, our main focus in the production of Greenpallets has been the circular economy. In this way, we ensure that the upcycling of residual plastic waste, and recycled materials, goes into new products such as our plastic pallets, which at the same time strengthens the logistics and infrastructure throughout the world.

Furthermore, the recycled pallet is produced with a minimal CO2 emission compared to traditional wooden pallets, as our plastic pallet emits no less than 74% less CO2! You can learn more about our recycled pallets by watching the short video below.2 i forhold til en traditionel træpalle, hvor vores plastpalle udleder 74 % mindre CO2. Du kan blive klogere på vores genbrugspaller ved at se den korte video nedenfor.

Recycling process

In the production of our Greenpallets, we use 100% plastic waste. However, our production is about more than just recycling plastic. It is also about creating value for companies, the environment and, not least, the world itself by ensuring a higher recycling rate on a global scale.

100% Recycling

  • Although our pallets are produced with 100% recycled plastic, they are standardised and adapted for automatic handling.

  • In our wide range, all standard formats are available, but you also have the option of having a pallet produced to suit your own specific needs.

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Circular Economy

Our pallets live 15-20 times longer than a traditional wooden pallet, and when they have reached the end of their lifespan, we make sure to take great care of them so they can become new, functioning pallets once again. We thereby ensure a circulation that creates the highest possible value for the longest possible time. It is a process that minimises CO2 emissions.2.

We can guide and help you with green transitions in your business

If you want advice and guidance on how you can make your workflow and production more sustainable, we are always happy to help.

We are experts in everything within sales, optimisation and implementation of green transitions that suits your business, whilst also making sense for you - whether it is an investment in our Greenpallets, implementation of new machinery, automation or various environmental products or a larger overall package deal you are after. maskiner, automation eller diverse miljøprodukter, eller om det er en større samlet pakke af det hele, I ønsker.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this either by calling, sending us an email or filling out our contact form. We will strive to answer your inquiry within 24 hours, so that together, we can find a climate-friendly solution that benefits you financially, whilst also benefitting the planet. contact us.. Det kan du gøre enten ved at ringe, sende os en mail eller udfylde vores kontaktformular. Vi vil bestræbe os på at besvare din henvendelse indenfor 24 timer, så vi sammen kan finde en klimavenlig løsning, der både gavner jer økonomisk, men også gavner kloden.

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Download our Greenpallet folder

At Nortech Solutions, we work exclusively with products, machinery and equipment that will strengthen your company’s position when it comes to green transitions, and our Greenpallets are no exception. You can download our leaflet below and see all our stocked, recycled pallets and their technical specifications.