• Greenpallet contributes to the Green Transition by being 100% recycled, and able to be recycled again after the end of its service life.
  • Furthermore, the recycled pallet is produced with minimal emission of CO2 compared to a traditional wooden pallet.
  • A Greenpallet emits 74% less CO2 than a wooden pallet.
  • Additionally, a Greenpallet is instrumental in securing and strengthening logistics and infrastructure in the world.
  • The Circular Economy is the main focus of our Greenpallet as we ensure the upcycling of residual waste and recycled materials’ path to new products.
    From residual waste to high-quality logistics pallets.

Nortech Solutions exclusively work with product and equipment strengthening your position I relation to Green Transition, but also in relation to automation and efficiency.

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Recycling process

We use 100% waste plastic for our production of pallets. In our process, it’s not just about recycling plastic, it’s about creating more value and ensuring a higher recycling rate globally.

100% Recycling

  • The pallets are produced from 100% plastic waste

  • Our pallets are standardized and adapted for automatic handling

  • We have a wide range of pallets that contain all standard formats

  • It is also possible to produce the exact pallet that suits your logistics

Circular Economy

  • Nortech Solutions delivers pallets that last 15-20 times longer than a traditional wooden pallet

  • After the end of service life, we take care of the pallets again. We ensure the pallets become new pallets again

  • We ensure a circuit that creates the highest possible value for as long as possible

  • A process that minimizes CO2 emissions

-We will help you with the Green Transition
throughout your logistics