Green Pallet

Plastic has a negative impact on both our climate and the planet’s wildlife. We therefore have a responsibility to take care of the plastic we consume.

Our new and ground-breaking concept - Greenpallet - was created because we, at Nortech Solutions, wanted to make an effort to ensure that our plastic is recycled. At the same time, we minimise the risk of it disappearing out into nature and the world's oceans where it can cause considerable damage.

We turn plastic waste into high quality logistics pallets

As a company, you have the opportunity to enter into a collaboration with us on our Greenpallet journey. We take your leftover plastic waste, transform it into high-quality logistics pallets and then give them back to you.

It is a subscription solution, where we continuously replace the pallets, so that your company always has pallets of the highest quality. The old pallets are returned to the factory and made into new plastic pallets, which ensures a positive, circular lifecycle.

By using our Greenpallets, you not only get high-quality pallets in 100% recycled plastic; you will also know where your leftover plastic waste ends up. Furthermore, you have a say in which standard sizes you want the plastic pallets to return in. You can learn more about our Greenpallet and the many options here.