At Nortech Solutions, we can help you make your workflow less environmentally damaging and more sustainable, since we believe that the right production optimisation can achieve this. We will guide and deliver the exact solution you need, whether that is a standard option or a uniquely designed solution put together in close cooperation and dialogue with you.

Whether it is your first time finding an automation solution, or you've done it several times before, we are here to help. We would love to assist you with optimising your company's competitiveness with innovative, high-tech process and production equipment that also takes our planet into account.

We will guide you through the entire process and help you - from the very first decision - until production with the new implemented equipment has started. We are your personal partner and supervisor in both complex industrial robot solutions and conveyor systems. We know what we're talking about, also when it comes to the practical coordination along the way, so you can rest assured that you get the best tailor-made solution for your production.

Industrial robot solutions - get standardised and tailor-made solutions

When it comes to industrial robot solutions, we work closely with DERO GROEP, who are experts in custom-built production automation and, together, we make just right partnership for you.

Whether you want a tailor-made construction of a specific tool that suits your needs, or whether we need to program the software for your robot so that it performs the desired work, we can help with advice from the very first spark of an idea all the way to the final delivery. We will, of course, also make sure that it is integrated into the current processes in your company, so that it all works as a well-oiled machine and unit - automation from day one.

By getting the right automation solution, you actually make the work process more sustainable, as you streamline and optimise areas that could otherwise be environmentally damaging, have a high CO2 emission, and also generate resource waste and wasted time for your employees.2-udledning samt generere ressourcespild og spildtid for dine medarbejdere.

If you want to know more about  DERO GROEP , you can read a lot more about them on their website.

Are you looking for an all-inclusive solution?

When it comes to green transitions, we can deliver an all-inclusive solution in both automation, machinery and environmental products that all work together and minimise your company's environmental impact. You will always receive a customised solution for your business. maskiner og miljøprodukter, der taler sammen og minimerer virksomhedens miljøbelastning. Du vil altid modtage en tilpasset løsning til din virksomhed.

Contact us and hear more about our expertise

Has one of our automation solutions caught your eye, or would you like to hear more about our all-inclusive solution that looks at your entire business, and what green initiatives can be introduced? If so, feel free to contact us. We would love to share our expertise on sustainability and green transitions so that we can make the planet better, healthier and greener for all of us. contact us.. Vi deler hellere end gerne ud af vores ekspertise om bæredygtighed og den grønne omstilling, så vi kan gøre kloden bedre, sundere og grønnere for os alle sammen.